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Other than you, the first person invited to my exclusive Nutter’s Nook, which I preside over as self-elected Chief Nutter, is Russell Brand. I enjoy his humor, irreverent farting bird, loose-neck t-shirts, tattoos, man bun, necklace, and hippie Russy-wussy-ness.

Here’s why I need him, and his YouTube channel, on my team:

Russell is an entertaining shortcut. He and his assistants (I doubt he slogs away at it all on his own) do the heavy research and fact finding while I sit on my funny ass and tune into my feelings.

I seldom base my opinions, preferences, statements, allegiances, conspiracy theories, expressions, warnings, discussions, assumptions, anything at all really, on thorough research or exhaustive debate.

I base them on feelings, nothing more (horror-of-horrors). They are informed by my squidgy intestines that look a right mess.

I therefore cannot hold up my side of an argument. All I offer is a vague I just know, which means I lose credibility and the argument.

So what. Stubbornness is underrated.

I keep believing (if not expressing) until my intestines wriggle around a bit, tie themselves in a different knot, and give me a different feeeeeling.

It works for me, but drives non-believers mad. They don’t understand how I can be so blind and intractable and ignorant in the face of facts, facts, facts, a survey, and worldwide consensus.

If you recognize this system of just knowing and feel I’m the freaky friend you thought you’d never have, welcome, my Sweetness, to the Nutter’s Nook.

Let’s give Russell a round of applause, welcome him into the minority fold of black sheep, and have a bleat about who is pulling the wool over our eyes, and who, or what, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Baa baa black sheep

have you any wool?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three bags full:

One from your eyes

And one from theirs

And one from the pair of eyes

selling Space shares.


Warm, woolly love to you.

xxx ❤ TeaShell Michele

PS This week’s Happiness:

Months ago I went hunting high and low for the Childhood Theme from the film e’Lollipop. All I could find were two poor-quality YouTube videos, uploaded by viewers, and archive-type sites with a link to the track that I couldn’t play and wasn’t even sure I could purchase, had I wanted to.

I assumed the composition had been relegated to a forgotten filing cabinet in the internet’s basement. It wasn’t even on Spotify. Many other Lee Holdridge soundtracks, yes, but not e’ Lollipop.

What a lovely surprise I had this morning. My jaw dropped when I spotted, recommended to me by Spotties, an album now available called The Lee Holdridge Collection, Volume 2: Africa, (and yay!) e’Lollipop.

I wonder if they noted my frequent searches (I was desperate) and uploaded this to meet my needs? If they did, gracias, dear Spotties.

Don’t get confused now. I call Spotify ‘Spotties’, and Netflix ‘Netties.’

Here’s the Spotties link, if you want to see what all the fuss is about. I don’t even know what all the fuss is about. I find the tune moving, perhaps due to the nature of the story*? I dunno, actually. It’s one of those weird things I can’t explain.

If you prefer YouTube, guess what? On 18th May YouTube uploaded the same track. Embed below.

The Childhood Theme from the movie e’Lollipop. Composer Lee Holdridge

Mpwha, and a 2nd Toodle-oo to you ❤ (this really is the end)


*I’m back because, after publishing, I found the full movie on YouTube, uploaded by the writer/director, Ashley Lazarus. E’Lollipop was released in South Africa in 1975, and in the USA, as Forever Young, Forever Free, in 1977. Many scenes are a giggle, but it is predominantly a soggy face, soggy tissues film.

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