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Dancing with Chemistry

It is said he bought a round pink bed because she adored the color pink, and so did he. He loved her and she loved him. They starred in a movie together, and the chemistry was explosive on and off-screen. It wasn’t just sex. It was a trusting friendship that endured until his sad, premature death. 

Of course I’m talking about Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret. 

Their story began with the filming of Viva Las Vegas and ended with Elvis choosing to put duty, expectations, and promises (his engagement to Priscilla) before a passionate, unequaled love. But a bond had been cemented. It glued them together in a profound, deep, loyal, abiding understanding and acceptance that could not be dissolved.

I find their story beautiful and heartbreaking.

How often does it happen that we have an inexplicable, magnetic attraction to someone who risks too much if they step out of their current responsibilities, entanglements, and emotional agreements to fully embrace the pull of a love that feels disruptive and selfish, if acted upon?

It’s as if Timing plays a nasty prank, placing the couple in a space and place where one, if not both, of them will be torn and tormented by the sheer bad luck and placement on the cosmic clock of the whole affair.

But let’s look back to where it all began for Elvis and Ann-Margret. Let’s honor their exceptional talent and sensational sex appeal by shakin’ and clappin’ along with this number from Viva Las Vegas. You’ll see why their love was written in the stars.

xxx ❤ TeaShell

PS If you want to witness how ferociously loyal and protective Ann-Margret is of their relationship (even after Elvis’ death) watch this interview.

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