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9 Writing Prompts for 9 Writing Days

Revamped and refreshed, here are 9 writing prompts, in a slideshow format, for 9 Writing Days. This doesn’t mean you must write the whole day. Write for a set amount of time – 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, or ¼ of the day – for 9 consecutive days.

Begin Day 1 with the prompt you see below, the 1st slide. Resist peeking at the others (a self-discipline litmus test hereby incorporated). Come back on Day 2. Use the 2nd slide without swiping to see what’s up ahead.

Continue in the same vein until Day 9, whereupon you may gift yourself a self-control-prezzie such as a tub of ice cream, or a big bag of crisps. You must also gift yourself a reams-of-writing-reward. Suggested: a little lie in (might have to wait for the weekend), or a Netflix watch-a-thon (I can’t do more than 1 – 2½ hours. I’m sure you can beat that?)

Ready, steady, GO.

Nine Prompts

xxx TeaShell


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