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Mary & the Moon

Mary lay on the grass under a full, white moon. She lay there feeling like a sliver of light. Mary is too pale for the burning sun, but for the gentle, milky moon, she is just right. 

Mary stared at the moon without blinking. A slideshow of faces is what she anticipated, wished to see. Faces are what she had seen on the circular screen before.

On this night, the moon had something else in store. 

Moon spoke to Mary, her voice in Mary’s head. 

Moon’s voice is cool, soft, and here’s what she said, “Get up, Mary, and walk carefully to the Moonflower tree. There, at its feet, you will find a blackboard and chalk. Don’t linger, come back here. The Moonflower is poisonous, you see.” 

Mary walked through the thick dark to the tree with trumpet-shaped flowers. White and scented with love, it was hard to believe it had poisonous powers.

But, thought Mary, beautiful things must have a defense, because beautiful things make nasty things tense.  

Mary carried the blackboard and chalk back to her previous location, sat down, and waited for Moon’s instruction. 

“Please write the words I say. Tell me to slow down if the words are running away.” 

With Moon’s cool, soft voice in her head, Mary wrote and, as she did, the letters floated off the board up into the sky, a ribbon of noodle alphabet.  

Mary tried to grab them back. 

“Stop! The words are running away!” she said. 

“They’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. Don’t worry. You need only tell me to stop if I’m going too fast for you,” said Moon. 

Mary wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more. Thank goodness the words left the board – there was not nearly enough space for them all. 

As the words neared Moon, they reassembled. The jumble of words, of their own accord, wrote the message across a sky that was now a billboard. 

The words appeared, at nightfall, in many places. The message was translated. No matter which evening sky you read, it was your language you saw in your head. 

If you were awake, perhaps you saw the words too?

People of Earth, 

I am Moon, 

brightest tonight,  

in the fullness of my cycle

 Always, this is how it is:  

an eternal rhythm 

of coming and going,  

pulling back, 

then flowing    

Through shadow, 

under darkness,  

you are not alone, 

accompanied only  

by what can be seen 

Before resting in slumber, 

before the day is new, 

say these words, 

and believe them 

to be true: 

“In this blessed bubble 

we sleep, 

in peace and happiness, 

and stillness deep 

In this blessed bubble 

we pray 

we will be safe tonight, 

and every day 

In this blessed bubble 

no malice dare come, 

for the light it emits 

is as bright as 

the Sun 



we spin a web, 

an intricate net 

beyond understanding, 

or the intellect  

Who creates? 

Who is created? 

Could it be we do both

in an eternal spiral 

of eternal growth? 

Mary was tired and asked Moon if she could rest. 

Moon said, “Please keep writing, Mary. We’re almost done.” 

Mary wrote Moon’s last words, her fingers, by now, a little numb. 

Move forward with grace,  

weary People of Earth  

There is infinite, abiding 

love for you,  

for the goodness you birth  

Thank you for receiving 

my rounded thoughts,  

thoughts that will soon 

be erased 

White light, purity, 

and strength to you  

Your ever-loving, 

in her fullest phase, 



Mary watched the last word peel off, float by. She was too tired to lift her head and see it pin itself to the sky. 

“Go to sleep now, Mary. You worked hard. Thank you.” 

Mary lay down on the grass, on her side, bringing her knees to her belly, her left hand under her cheek. 

“Goodnight, Moon,” she whispered, “Thank you for letting me hear you speak.”  

All the faces of Moon smiled. 

“Goodnight, Mary,” Moon replied, wide awake. 

It would be quite a few nights before Moon lay on her side, taking a break. 


Mary & the Moon by Michele Damstra

xxx ❤ TeaShell

PS If you enjoyed this short story, you might enjoy An Old Woman & a Pig, as well as An Old Man & a Crow

PPS I reworked this story in May 2022, refining and shortening Moon’s message

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