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Faffing Around

Faffing around with words and graphics lights me up. I twinkle-twinkle like a little star and stop wondering how you are. Or how I am. Or how anything is. The sun sets, the house darkens. Curtains are not closed (in my opinion, this is the only unnerving consequence of my intense absorption – I don’t like it when the dark outside can see inside). No lamps are lit…well, switched on.

I’m a wistful romantic. Lamps are lit is more appealing than factual electrical circuits, even though I’ve never lived a day of my life without a light fitting somewhere within walking distance. Yes, I’ve done camping. The ablution block is The Beacon of Light. If there’s no such luxury, you’ve got the car light or a torch, both of which count as electrical circuits. If I’m wrong, tell me. I suck at science, and my knowledge is not general, it’s specific (do not have me on your team if it’s a Games Night).

Back to my phosphorescence (I glow in the dark) and timelessness when immersed in bliss. A hungry person pats his way to a light switch, marches on thumping feet to where I sit and asks, with an undertone of this brooks no argument, “What’s for supper?”

“Oh gosh, I forgot all about that!” is what I say. “I’ve taken nothing out the freezer. You mind having cereal?”

It doesn’t happen often. Not yet.

The This & That slideshow eBook is a fine demonstration of faffing around. Now that it’s done, I’ll pat my way to a light switch, find my child, and check his vital signs.

xxx TeaShell


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